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Mobile Cooling Solutions

Thermoproducts and Drink Jugs

Sledges for Kids

Mobile Cooling Solutions

Welcome to EZetil – the traditional brand in the field of mobile cooling.

Our product portfolio offers a wide selection of all kind of products related to mobile cooling solutions. No matter what purpose - coolers for travel, leasure time, work or shopping, no matter what products - from compressor cooler to ice packs. Ezetil helps you to have cool drinks and fresh food at any time.

Thermoproducts and Drink Jugs

LaPlaya Thermproducts persuade by quality, function and design.

No matter which purpose - LaPlaya Thermoproducts offer to enjoy a hot coffee or a cool drink at home, during travel or after sports anywhere and anytime.

Sledges for Kids

Here comes AlpenGaudi –
the name says it all...

Our products not only convince by our high quality standards, that are committing us to use only high quality materials for the production of our sledges.